Counselling Services

Al Furqan Islamic Centre has been offering counselling services to the people in the community for more than 2 years. Now, due to increased need in the community, we have partnered with the Islamic Council of Europe (ICE) who have a wealth of experience and a panel of scholars, including our own Sheikh Mohamed Ali Mowleed.

Services Provided

We can help with:

  • Marital Discord
  • Marital Disputes
  • Marriage Counselling
  • How to Solve Disagreements Over Right, Duties and Responsibilities
  • Divorce-Related Queries
  • Islamic Divorce Certification
  • Fatwa Related to Personal Finance
  • Fatwa Related to Business
  • and more…

To book one of the services above, please book an initial appointment using the form below:

    Please note that there is a chargeable fee for this service. You will be advised when we receive your application.